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Anonym Č.70 [Otevřít]
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Odpovědi: >>72
Anonym Č.72
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>>70 (OP) Hello :Dd
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Anonym Č.73
>>72 How are you doing? I regret not having signed up for free czech classes at the beginning of this year
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Anonym Č.74
>>73 I'm doing fine, drinking alone again, how about you? Never too late! Here's a language learning directory from /t/ https://files.catbox.moe/nmrn8x.txt Why would you take those classes anyway? There aren't many Czechs around your area lolol What are you studying? :D
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Anonym Č.75
>>74 Because I would've had something to do and somewhere to go. Maybe even make acquaintances with my classmates, or something. I signed up but dropped before they even started because I assumed I was going to be too busy with uni to keep up, but that ended up not being the case. I decided to sign up because I already have around A2 level in another slavic language and I have dabbled into russian in the past because of some autistic fixation I had with that country ever since I was 5. I'm an engineering student, but I'm not going to say which brach doe.
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Anonym Č.76
(56.34 kB, 85x95)
>>75 Lol, the way it's all the same around the world never stops amusing me - literally had the exact same situation with fucking gypsy language or some shit but dropped it before it started. nevertheless it was some obscure dialect from north-easter slovakia (which means I would be able to communicate with like 4 villages/slums total). you can, hopefully, start it next semester, so not everything's lost Can relate to the autistic fixation on russia. Interesting literature, квас, architecture, шашлык and what not. What slavic lang do you know and why? (that sounded fucking stupid, how come you know that slavic language yknow...) nice, no problem, chemistry student here, not specified yet, although im thinking about orgchem or teaching exuse the shitty grammar/typing, I'm drunk and can't be bothered reading it after I already typed it ...
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Anonym Č.77
>>76 just read it for the first time, fuck me,,,

Anonym Č.78
>>76 Sure I can start at a later date no problem. That is, if spending cuts don't force the uni to axe a course that, reasonably, no one gives a shit about. Our jewish president has already cut spending on public education after all. >What slavic lang do you know and why? Serbian. Family. I'm rusty though. >nice, no problem, chemistry student here, not specified yet, although im thinking about orgchem or teaching Cool, I'm a chem student as well.
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Anonym Č.80
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Anonym Č.81
>>80 Marge
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Anonym Č.82
69 - markiplier_soyj...
(350.65 kB, 626x800)
>offsite drama

Anonym Č.85
>>81 https://soyjakwiki.net/Zelligate nuczoikaka

Anonym Č.92
>>78 Brat moj
Odpovědi: >>95

Anonym Č.95
2177 - SoyBooru.png
(118.86 kB, 600x800)
>>92 ej šta ima bre izvinite što nisam vidio ovaj odgovor do sada

Anonym Č.110
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